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Randy Blythe 在愛爾蘭遇襲



Lamb Of God 主唱 Randy Blythe  在愛爾蘭遇襲 ! 他在表演前在都柏林街頭行走時遇到五位年輕人襲擊他,所幸 Randy Blythe 並無大礙,不過這讓他在表演時有感而發表演 〈 512 〉,希望這些年輕人能夠到監獄裡好好反省自己的愚蠢。


Sometimes doing what you love comes at a price: here’s the Samuel Beckett bridge in Dublin, Ireland. Last night around midnight I walked one block away from my hotel to take some long exposures- right after I shot this very frame, I looked up & saw 5 or 6 teenage dudes (16 to 18 year olds?) in hoodies & track pants spreading out around me. “Well, crap, I guess it’s on” I thought. I started stepping quickly into the street away from the little cul-de-sac where I was (it was a bad spot to be trapped), trying to keep my eye on all of them at the same time. One kid drew up to my left getting close & BLAM- someone else hit me in the head from behind with something (I think they had a stick or whatever)- I saw stars for a second, then I heard car horns & a cabbie was driving at these kids & I was standing in the street trying to shake it off, because that little fucker had rang my bell pretty good. Like all cowards & weaklings all over the world, they came at me in numbers and struck from behind. I never even had a chance to smash one of the little shits because the cabbie (thank you, whoever you are) scattered them while I was regaining my wits. So now my glasses are gone (but I have contacts), my new Surf City hat w/the Black Flag bars is gone (but I brought another hat), my new e-cig is gone (but I have others), & I have a split open elbow & a bit of a headache (but it could have been much, much worse- I could have caught a knife). I remain grateful- I’M FINE. I’ve been in some of the sketchiest neighborhoods on earth & escaped unharmed, but last night I got distracted & forgot my street smarts for a couple of minutes. That was very, VERY stupid of me, & I paid the price. So lesson learned here is STAY ALERT, y’all. And Dublin- I still love you, I’m NOT afraid to come here, it’s a lovely city, BUT… please neuter & spay your feral children, because next time they might club someone whose head isn’t as hard as mine & kill them. They didn’t even try to rob me, they just wanted to hurt someone, anyone – it was nothing personal for them- this makes me very SAD for these children. So Dublin, sorry if tonight’s show was a little rough- I did my best for y’all…

D. Randall Blythe(@drandallblythe)張貼的相片 於 張貼


簡單的整理 Randy Blythe 的 Instagram 貼文,他說他本來在表演前想在都柏林的街頭想拍點照片,不過卻遇到五位小混混沒有理由的攻擊他,不過這五名小混混突襲把他打倒在地上後就馬上逃逸。 Blythe 除了檢討自己安逸太久忘了街頭上的危險以外,並且對這五名小混混感到十分氣憤,因為他們攻擊 Blythe 並不是為了他的財物,純粹只是好玩,因此隔天的演唱會他就唱了 〈 512 〉送給這五名攻擊者。

〈 512 〉是 Blythe 當初被捷克政府拘留時寫的歌,他在 2010 年捷克表演時有位歌迷在演唱會中意外死亡,而捷克政府認為 Lamb Of God 本身也有責任,並且在兩年後 Lamb Of God 參加捷克一場表演時逮捕 Blythe 。雖然事後無罪釋放,不過 Blythe 花了很多時間去調適他的心情,事後將他在監獄中的感觸寫成 〈512 〉,而他也對這五位攻擊者說 :「 在監獄裡,你們可以培養在社會上生存該有的觀念,畢竟其他服刑者以及獄警不會放過你們的。 」



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