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Avicii 與 deadmau5 出面反擊 Noel Gallagher


以嘲諷為樂的 Noel Gallagher 前陣子批評 Avicii 和一些領銜音樂祭的 DJ,現在 Avicii 的麻吉 deadmau5 哥倆好要來回應這位 High Flying Birds 的主唱。

Gallagher 日前對當紅的 Avicii 發表言論:「我不知道關於 Avicii 的事,而且我也不想知道 Avicii 是誰。這聽起來像是文藝復興時期一個白痴音樂家。」 而對於領銜的 DJ 組合,Gallagher 說道:「別擔心,他們結束之後,我就能拯救音樂祭。」此外在另一次採訪中,他提到:「現在的音樂祭變得很令人頭痛,如果有個老兄只是戴頂帽子以及在舞台上放著一副假的 DJ 台,操作他們的 CD player,這樣的演出就是他的全部,那是一個相當暗淡的未來。」

Avicii 在 7 月 27 日終於出面回應 Gallagher,他在 Instagram 上貼了南方公園的影片,內容提到:「什麼是真正的『悲哀』,一個舊時代的音樂人總喜歡自以為直率和公開的評論,只會瞧不起又不敞開心胸接納新音樂,甚至連聽都不去聽。」最後他還在訊息上簽名「帶著帽子的老兄」。

https://youtu.be/qmWdkYPT2dA?t=7m21s Sounds like youre playing the wrong festival if youre at the same time dissing its entire audiences music taste you silly sausage! :O. (PS: Guess what: There are still good bands, still making great music that changes peoples lives, – what is really “sad” is hearing a old time musician like yourself confessing so bluntly and openly to not having an open mind to new music by dissing shit u havnt even heard , I really didnt think someone whose whole image is being witty would turn all stereotype ‘bitter ol timer rocker’ like that lol. I Wish you nothing but the best and hope you one day will broaden your music taste and keep developing urself as an artist and musicians. I would actually love to preview you my album song by song and hear your honest feedback but I dare you to say the same thing afterwards // “Dude in a hat”🎩

Avicii(@avicii)張貼的影片 於 張貼

deadmau5 也有所行動,在 Gallagher 公開訪問後,他在一個影片回應道:「你好,我是他媽的沒戴愚蠢帽子的 deadmau5,」然後模仿 Gallagher 自答:「嗯,我是沒有愚蠢的口音 Noel Gallagher。」

火藥味十足的開戰!DJ 們誰不好惹偏偏去惹 Gallagher,接下來還不知道誰會被酸蝕掉,只能祈禱 Gallagher 手下留情啦!

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