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Teenage Time Killers 宣布首張專輯細節


Teenage Time Killers 是 2014 年由 My Ruin 吉他手 Mick Murphy 、Corrosion of Conformity 的鼓手 Reed Mullin 組的樂團,後來他們陸續地找來許多人合作,像是 Foo Fighter 的 Dave Grohl 和 Pat Smear 、Nick Oliveri、Matt Skiba、 Corey Taylor、Jello Biafra、Randy Blythe、Tommy Victor、Lee Ving、Mike “IX” Williams、Corrosion of Conformity 的團員 Mike Dean 和  Woody Weatherman 、Karl Agell 等人一起合作。

而第一張專輯 《Greatest Hits Vol. 1》將會有 20  首歌,除了許多內行人才知道的翻唱曲目,包括了 Rudimentary Peni 的 〈 Teenage Time Killer 〉還成為他們的團名。整張專輯樂器部分是在 Dave Grohl 的 606 工作室所錄製,第一首釋出的單曲是 〈Hung out to Dry〉,由主唱是 Blythe ,Bass 手是 Dave Grohll 。



01. Exploder Vocals: Reed Mullin Featuring Pat Hoed (Bass), London May (Drums)

02. Crowned by the Light of the Sun Vocals: Neil Fallon Featuring Jim Rota (Guitar), Dave Grohl (Bass)

03. Hung Out to Dry Vocals: Randy Blythe Featuring Mike Schaefer (Guitar), Dave Grohl (Bass)

04. Power Outage Vocals: Clifford Dinsmore Featuring Dave Grohl (Bass)

05. Ode to Hannity Vocals: Jello Biafra Featuring Mike Dean (Bass)

06. Barrio Vocals: Matt Skiba Featuring Brian Baker (Guitar)

07. The Dead Hand Vocals: Reed Mullin Featuring Woody Weatherman (Guitar), Dave Grohl (Bass)

08. Egobomb Vocals: Corey Taylor Featuring Dave Grohl (Bass)

09. Plank Walk Vocals: Pete Stahl Featuring Greg Anderson (Guitar), Dave Grohl (Bass)

10. Time to Die Vocals: Mike IX Williams Featuring Greg Anderson (Guitar)

11. Days of Degradation Vocals: Tommy Victor Featuring Dave Grohl (Bass)

12. Clawhoof Vocals: Tairrie B. Murphy Featuring Dave Grohl (Bass)

13. Big Money Vocals: Lee Ving Featuring Pat Smear (Guitar & Bass), London May (Drums)

14. Devil in this House Vocals: Karl Agell Featuring Dave Grohl (Bass)

15. Say Goodnight to the Acolyte Vocals: Phil Rind Featuring Jason Browning (Guitar), Dave Grohl (Bass)

16. Ignorant People Vocals: Tony Foresta Featuring Greg Anderson (Guitar), Nick Oliveri (Bass)

17. Son of an Immigrant Vocals: Johnny Weber Featuring Brian Baker (Guitar)

18. Your Empty Soul Vocals: Aaron Beam

19. Bleeding to Death Vocals: Vic Bondi Featuring Dave Grohl (Bass)

20. Teenage Time Killer Vocals: Trenton Rogers Featuring Greg Anderson (Guitar), Pat Hoed (Bass)



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