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01/18 (Sat) 星期六 Duda Deportiva + Pat Reid + Dont’t Talk ’bout Life


Duda Deportiva

Duda Deportiva由主唱/吉他手Chema González於2011創立,以西班牙母語創作音樂。Chema 從西班牙一路旅居日本、來臺灣定居,直到2013年與1976、電話亭與愛的大未來團員在台北正式變身成西班牙X台灣的組合。


Pat Reid

We are a band hailing from Taichung City, Taiwan. We are actually all from different countries, but were brought together by our love for music, which isn’t limited to a specific style. We try to bring everything we like to the table in order to create something that everyone can find enjoyment by listening to. We try not to pigeonhole ourselves into a specific genre and let it define us. We mainly just enjoy playing as well as we can, in places where we can connect to the audience and have a good time.

Dont’t Talk ’bout Life

臉書: https://www.facebook.com/donttalkboutlife

Door Open 入場時間 : 9 PM
Band Start 表演時間 : 9:10 PM

樂團結束後,還有ROXY DJ為您播放最IN的搖滾樂,以及最歡樂爽快的Rock Dance,讓大家一直搖滾到凌晨4點!!

Roxy Rocker 台北市和平東路一段177號B1
B1 #177 Heping E. Rd Sec. 1
聯絡電話:(02) 2351-8177

*Roxy Rocker粉絲專頁:http://www.facebook.com/taipeirocker

洽詢演出 : Jying 0925-632403

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Roxy Rocker 是在台灣,致力推廣搖滾音樂文化的推手, 隸屬1982年起經營搖滾音樂場景的 ROXY 系列音樂酒吧. 2012年五月五日創建 roxyrocker.com 搖滾新聞華語網站.