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Wilco在音樂祭翻唱Daft Punk、the Replacements、Pavement的歌


Wilco在自己籌辦的Solid Sound音樂祭連續表演兩個晚上,而在6月21號的晚上他們第一段表演全部都是翻唱歌曲。其中有許多classic rock的曲目,翻唱了包括the Beatles、the Kinks、Neil Young、the Velvet Underground、Thin Lizzy、Bob Dylan等人的歌曲。

他們還另外與幾個特別來賓一同演出,其中也包括Yo La Tengo、Tommy Stinson等人。快來看下面三段影片,其中包含翻唱Daft Punk的”Get Lucky”,與Tommy Stinson合唱the Replacements 的”Color Me Impressed”還有Pavement 的”Cut Your Hair”。快來聽看看Wilco版的“Get Lucky”吧!

Wilco – Get Lucky (Daft Punk)
[youtube http://youtu.be/GcL4zJxBMH8]

Wilco – Color Me Impressed (the Replacements) with Tommy Stinson
[youtube http://youtu.be/W_oC4kXFotw]

Wilco – Cut Your Hair (Pavement)
[youtube http://youtu.be/MwHqRi468ic]

The Boys Are Back in Town (Thin Lizzy cover)
Cut Your Hair (Pavement cover)
In the Street (Big Star cover)
New Madrid (Uncle Tupelo cover)
Dead Flowers (The Rolling Stones cover)
Simple Twist of Fate (Bob Dylan cover)
Ripple (Grateful Dead cover)
Who Loves the Sun (The Velvet Underground cover)
And Your Bird Can Sing (The Beatles cover)
And Your Bird Can Sing (The Beatles cover) (And Your Bird Can Sing was … more)
Psychotic Reaction (Count Five cover)
Tom Courtenay (Yo La Tengo cover) (with Yo La Tengo)
James Alley Blues
Waterloo Sunset (The Kinks cover) (with Lucius)
Waterloo (ABBA cover) (with Lucius)
(What’s So Funny ’bout) Peace, Love and Understanding (Brinsley Schwarz cover)
Marquee Moon (Television cover)
Happy Birthday To You (Mildred J. Hill cover) (to Pat Sansone)
(Don’t Fear) The Reaper (Blue Öyster Cult cover)
Cinnamon Girl (Neil Young cover)
Get Lucky (Daft Punk cover)
Surrender (Cheap Trick cover)
Color Me Impressed (The Replacements cover) (with Tommy Stinson)
Thank You Friends (Big Star cover)
The Weight (The Band cover) (with Lucius)
Roadrunner (The Modern Lovers cover) (with Yo La Tengo)



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–mumu tseng