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The Cribs發表未公開單曲’Leather Jacket Love Song’


The Cribs在Steve Lamacq主持的BBC電台節目上帶來未公開新歌’Leather Jacket Love Song‘的現場演出,之前The Cribs在幾場Live演出中有表演過這首單曲,至今才正式公開。單曲將首錄於樂團即將發行的精選輯’Paylola’,The Cribs在節目開播前於推特上寫到:“The Cribs的新年新希望就是在今年的第一個禮拜四發表新歌。”

團員Ryan Jarman在接受專訪時談到:“我喜歡皮夾克,但是這首歌不是在講我對皮夾克的喜好,它是典型的一首情歌,就像我們大部份的歌一樣。我們在完成 ‘Ignore The Ignorant’之後寫了這首歌,最後一首與Johnny合作的歌。之前都沒機會發表,大家都很喜歡這首龐克搖滾歌。”

EP‘Payola’將在2月25日正式發表,慶祝英國獨立樂團成軍10週年,這張專輯有別於許多樂團發行的精選輯,許多歌迷喜愛的暢銷單曲並未收錄其中,Ryan告訴NME雜誌:“許多精選輯只是為了再撈一筆而已,我們並不希望 ‘Payola’是這樣,我們竟量讓它可以更特別。” ; 談到單曲的選擇Ryan說到:“我們必須很殘酷,就像我們沒有選擇放入‘Moving Pictures’,雖然也是暢銷單曲,但它不是我們最好的歌。”。‘Payola’ 將收錄樂團的22首單曲並加碼贈送18首B面單曲,以及新歌 ‘Leather Jacket Love Song’。


01. ‘Another Number’

02. ‘Come On, Be A No-One’

03. ‘I’m A Realist’

04. ‘Hey Scenesters!’

05. ‘We Share The Same Skies’

06. ‘You Were Always The One’

07. ‘Anna’

08. ‘Cheat On Me’

09. ‘Back to The Bolthole’

10. ‘We Were Aborted’

11. ‘Our Bovine Public’

12. ‘I’ve Tried Everything’

13. ‘Direction’

14. ‘Glitters Like Gold’

15. ‘Be Safe’

16. ‘Mirror Kisses’

17. ‘Men’s Needs’

18. ‘We Can No Longer Cheat’

19. ‘Chi-Town’

20. ‘The Wrong Way To Be’

21. ‘City Of Bugs’

22. ‘Leather Jacket Love Song’


01. ‘Glandular Fever Got The Best Of Me’

02. ‘On A Hotel Wall’

03. ‘Saturday Night Facts Of Life’

04. ‘Kind Words From The Broken Hearted’

05. ‘It Happened So Fast’

06. ‘Eat Me’

07. ‘Fairer Sex’

08. ‘Advice From A Roving Artist’

09. ‘You’re Gonna Lose Us’

10. ‘Get Yr Hands Out Of My Grave’

11. ‘My Adolescent Dreams’

12. ‘Bastards Of Young’

13. ‘To Jackson’

14. ‘Better Than Me’

15. ‘So Hot Now’

16. ‘Is Anybody There?’

17. ‘Don’t You Wanna Be Relevant?’

18. ‘Don’t Believe In Me’

 The Cribs — ‘Leather Jacket Love Song’

–Janssen Lin