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第 85屆奧斯卡最佳電影原創曲初選入圍名單在今天揭曉,美國影藝學院昨日公佈入圍的75首歌曲,包含奪冠呼聲相當高的 Adele“007:空降危機” 主題曲 ‘Skyfall’、Mumford and Sons在迪士尼動畫 “勇敢傳說”的主題曲 ‘Learn Me Right’ 及Arcade Fire在“飢餓遊戲”的主題曲 ‘Abraham’s Daughter’紛紛雀屏中選。

其它較之名的音樂人還包含 Fiona Apple在喜劇“40惑不惑”的主題曲 ‘Dull Tool’、The Black Key與RZA合作的 ‘The Man With The Iron Fists’主題曲‘Baddest Man Alive’、Karen O在提姆波頓動畫電影 “科學怪犬”主題曲‘Strange Love’。

美國影藝學院也在11月底公佈了被視為奧斯卡風向球的年度10大好片,上榜的電影包括李安導演的新片“少年PI的奇幻漂流(Life Of PI)”、“亞果出任務(ARGO)”、“南方野獸樂園(BEASTS OF THE SOUTHERN WILD)”、“決殺令(DJANGO UNCHAINED)”、“派特的幸福劇本(SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK)”、“悲慘世界(LES MISÉRABLES)”、“林肯(LINCOLN)”、“黑暗騎士:黎明昇起(THE DARK KNIGHT RISES)”、“月昇冒險王國(MOONRISE KINGDOM)”,以及“00:30凌晨密令(ZERO DARK THIRTY)”。

奧斯卡決選入圍名單將在明年1月10日公佈並在 2月24日舉行由Seth MacFarlane主辦的第85屆奧斯卡金像獎頒獎典禮。


       “For You” from Act of Valor    

       “Metaphorical Blanket” from Any Day Now

       “Let It Rain” from Being Flynn

       “Learn Me Right” from Brave

       “Touch the Sky” from Brave

       “Airport” from Brooklyn Brothers Beat the Best

       “Come on Girl” from Brooklyn Brothers Beat the Best

       “Someday” from Brooklyn Brothers Beat the Best

       “Protect the King” from Brooklyn Castle

       “California Solo” from California Solo

       “Casa De Mi Padre” from Casa De Mi Padre

       “Del Cielo” from Casa De Mi Padre

       “Yo No Se” from Casa De Mi Padre

       “No Other Plans” from Celeste and Jesse Forever

       “Before My Time” from Chasing Ice

       “By the Light of the Moon” from Crossroad

       “The Sambola! International Dance Craze” from Damsels in Distress

       “When You Comin’ Home” from Darling Companion

       “Death by China” from Death by China

       “Delhi Safari” from Delhi Safari

       “Ancora Qui” from Django Unchained

       “Freedom” from Django Unchained

       “100 Black Coffins” from Django Unchained

       “Who Did That to You?” from Django Unchained

       “How Bad Can I Be?” from Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax

       “Let It Grow” from Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax

       “Thneedville” from Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax

       “Ain’t No Train” from Downtown Express

       “You Don’t Have to Be a Star” from Fame High

       “Jose’s Martyrdom” from For Greater Glory: The True Story of Cristiada

       “Strange Love” from Frankenweenie

       “Voodoo” from Halloween Party

       “Luna Nascosta” from Hidden Moon

       “Song of the Lonely Mountain” from The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

       “Abraham’s Daughter” from The Hunger Games

       “Master of the Seas” from Ice Age: Continental Drift

       “We Are” from Ice Age: Continental Drift

       “Looking for a Sign” from Jeff, Who Lives at Home

       “From Here to the Moon and Back” from Joyful Noise

       “He’s Everything” from Joyful Noise

       “I’m Yours” from Joyful Noise

       “Wide Awake” from Katy Perry: Part of Me

       “Cosmonaut” from Lawless

       “Beaten Up and Broken Down” from Least Among Saints

       “Suddenly” from Les Miserables

       “Pi’s Lullaby” from Life of Pi

       “When I Grow Up” from Losing Control

       “Love Always Comes as a Surprise” from Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted

       “Ladies of Tampa” from Magic Mike

       “The Baddest Man Alive” from The Man with the Iron Fists

       “This Gift” from The Odd Life of Timothy Green

       “Still Alive” from Paul Williams Still Alive

       “Dotted Line” from People Like Us

       “Snake Eyes” from Promised Land

       “Razors.Out” from The Raid: Redemption

       “I’m Not Leaving” from Re:Generation

       “Still Dream” from Rise of the Guardians

       “Undercover Love” from Rock of Ages

       “Big Machine” from Safety Not Guaranteed

       “I Be Here” from Saint Dracula

       “I Have Secrets” from Saint Dracula

       “Skyfall” from Skyfall

       “Breath of Life” from Snow White and the Huntsman

       “Gone” from Snow White and the Huntsman

       “One Wing” from Sparkle

       “Not Running Anymore” from Stand Up Guys

       “Feel Love” from Struck by Lightning

       “Everybody Needs a Best Friend” from Ted

       “Never Had” from 10 Years

       “Dull Tool” from This Is 40

       “She Won’t Let Go” from Until They Are Home

       “Kiss Me Goodbye” from Virginia

       “Anything Made of Paper” from West of Memphis

       “Hashishet Albi” from Where Do We Go Now?

       “When Can I See You Again?” from Wreck-It Ralph

勇敢傳說主題曲  Mumford and Sons — Learn Me Right

The Man With The Iron Fists主題曲 The Black Keys — The Baddest Man

007:空降危機主題曲  Adele — Skyfall

熊麻吉電影主題曲  Norah Jones — Everybody Needs A Best Friend

40惑不惑電影主題曲 Fiona Apple — Dull Tool

飢餓遊戲電影主題曲 Arcade Fire — Abraham’s Daughter


–Janssen Lin