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強尼戴普、Keith Richards獻唱 製作全新航海歌合輯


在2006年,強尼戴普和神鬼奇航導演 Gore Verbinski、製作人Hal Willner及 一群音樂人包含Lou Reed、Bono等人錄製了關於水手及航海的歌曲合輯 ‘Son Of Rogue’s Gallery: Pirate Ballads, Sea Songs and Chanteys’,現在 Rogue’s Gallery即將推出續集 ; Rolling Stone雜誌今日也公佈了由Johnny Depp , 前The Pogues團員 Shane MacGowan 及 Gore Verbinski翻唱的水手之歌 ‘Leaving the Liverpool’

製作人 Hal Willner在06年拍攝 “神鬼奇航2:加勒比海盜” 時有了製作海洋合輯續集的想法,找來了強尼戴普、導演Gore Verbinski共同製作,Hal說:“續集聽起來會比較開心,比較少提到酷刑、強姦和死亡。”,雖然 ‘Leaving the Liverpool’歌詞較抒情憂鬱,但是曲風輕快歡欣聽起來絲毫沒有悲傷情緒。

合輯將在明年2月19日正式發行,雙CD將包含 Tom Waits與 Keith Richards、Patti Smith與Johnny Depp、Courtney Love與 Michael Stipe、Iggy Pop 與 A Hawk and a Hacksaw等人的合唱單曲。


01 Shane MacGowan: “Leaving of Liverpool” [ft. Johnny Depp and Gore Verbinski]

02 Robyn Hitchcock: “Sam’s Gone Away”

03 Beth Orton: “River Come Down”

04 Sean Lennon: “Row Bullies Row” [ft. Jack Shit]

05 Tom Waits: “Shenandoah” [ft.Keith Richards]

06 Ivan Neville: “Mr Stormalong”

07 Iggy Pop: “Asshole Rules the Navy” [ft. A Hawk and a Hacksaw]

08 Macy Gray: “Off to Sea Once More”

09 Ed Harcourt: “The Ol’ OG”

10 Shilpa Ray: “Pirate Jenny” [ft. Nick Cave and Warren Ellis]

11 Patti Smith and Johnny Depp: “The Mermaid”

12 Chuck E Weiss: “Anthem for Old Souls”

13 Ed Pastorini: “Orange Claw Hammer”

14 The Americans: “Sweet and Low”

15 Robin Holcomb and Jessica Kenny: “Ye Mariners All”

16 Gavin Friday and Shannon McNally: “Tom’s Gone to Hilo”

17 Kenny Wollesen and The Himalayas Marching Band: “Bear Away”

CD 2:

01 Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention: “Handsome Cabin Boy”

02 Michael Stipe and Courtney Love: “Rio Grande”

03 Marc Almond: “Ship in Distress”

04 Dr John: “In Lure of the Tropics”

05 Todd Rundgren: “Rolling Down to Old Maui”

06 Dan Zanes: “Jack Tar on Shore” [ft. Broken Social Scene]

07 Sissy Bounce (Katey Red and Big Freedia): “Sally Racket” [ft. Akron/Family]

08 Broken Social Scene: “Wild Goose”

09 Marianne Faithfull: “Flandyke Shore” [ft. Kate and Anna McGarrigle]

10 Ricky Jay: “The Chantey of Noah and his Ark (Old School Song)”

11 Michael Gira: “Whiskey Johnny”

12 Petra Haden: “Sunshine Life for Me” [ft. Lenny Pickett]

13 Jenni Muldaur: “Row the Boat Child”

14 Richard Thompson: “General Taylor” [ft. Jack Shit]

15 Tim Robbins: “Marianne” [ft. Matthew Sweet and Susanna Hoffs]

16 Kembra Phaler: “Barnacle Bill the Sailor [ft. Antony, Joseph Arthur, and Foetus]

17 Angelica Huston: “Missus McGraw” [ft. The Weisberg Strings]

18 Iggy Pop and Elegant Too: “The Dreadnought”

19 Mary Margaret O’Hara: “Then Said the Captain to Me (Two Poems of the Sea)”

–Janssen Lin

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