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LA SERA – Break My Heart


[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a70zvIOuxR0]
Oh my love, make me understand
I ask more of you time and time again
On the floor, begging for your hand
I’ve done wrong, but I’ll never tell the truth
I’ve been bad, but I know you don’t have proof
Leave me now, I’ve got nothing else to lose
I’ve done wrong, I’ve done wrong
Break my Heart, break my heart
Oh my girls, lost you all again
You’re my world, but I’ve thrown you to the wind
I’m a liar but I need you as a friend
I’ve done wrong and I’ll never smile again
It’s my fault by I’ll fight it till the end
Swear it now, I’m not trying to pretend
I’ve done wrong, I’ve done wrong
Break my heart, break my heart

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